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Question about Little Dot mkiii hookups

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Hi all,

Quick question about my setup, want to make sure I haven't made any goofs with the hookup connections

I'm running imac to Topping D50 to Little dot mkiii

The little dot mkiii has a headphone out, as well as RCA out.

I have a HD6XX connected via the headphone out, and a Koss ESP 95X energizer connected via RCA out


Is there a problem having both headphone out and RCA out connected at the same time? I don't use both at same time (if using Koss, I unplug the HD6XX - if using HD6XX, I simply dont turn on the Koss energizer)


Anyone see a problem with this setup?


Also, any advice or recommendation for using the Little Dot mkiii in the chain prior to the Koss energizer? I know it is an amp in its own right..


Thanks again


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