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Last.fm Music sharing


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I wanted to see if anyone else is using the Last.fm music sharing site. I've used it for a while and found it fun and a great way to share and learn about some new music.


It integrates with iTunes, and there is a plugin for foobar as well. I think other music apps have similar plugins but these are the only two I use. Basically the service tracks what music you listen to through a small application called AudioScrobbler. Since it integrates with iTunes you can even track what you listen to on an ipod/iphone. Over time you get a good trend of which artists, albums, songs, etc. you have been listening to the most. You will get recommendations and an internet radio station based on your listening habits. Lastly, you can even create a separate group where other users join and everyone can see what the members are listening to.


Just thought I'd share, in case anyone was interested in trying it out.






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i also use last.fm. A little bit less at this time. Recently i have begun to use Spotify and it is great. Have a look !


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