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Word Play with Lyrics

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I'm sure many of us have listened to music where we were confused about the lyrics being sung.  Most of these instances are complete accidents as the singer or the recording quality is responsible for any misunderstanding; though, a few artists seem to intentionally blur the words in the song with an alternate meaning.


A couple of examples from one artist that truly needs to have their work remastered better is Rotary Downs.


 In this first song ("Anthony's Odyssey") they loosely conflate "I see God" with part of the song title "Odyssey".




In this older song, "A Feast in Squalor", I hear words in the chorus singing "priest and scholar" interchanging with "feast in squalor".   



Is it just me? 


I remember hearing a song from Radiohead where they also had lyrics that could have been interpreted in multiple ways, but I forget the name or album now.  It was around 2004.  Anyone remember which song it was?




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Nirvana's,  Smells Like Teen Spirit.  The pre-chorus words morph from Hello to How Low.  It was done intentionally though. 

Hello, Hello, Hello, How Low

There's a documentary series called making the Album or something like that, and Butch Vig talks about this exact phrasing used on the making of the record Nevermind. 

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