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Missing Music folder within the Media folder?

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I just installed Catalina. While I have moved to JRiver’s Media Center as my main player, I left songs that I don’t really listen to much at all for the Music app. For some reason, during my clean install of Catalina, when I look in the Music folder, I notice I don’t have a Music folder in there. For me, it’s just Music à Media. So, within the Media folder I have my music files and the Automatically Add to Music folder. I thought I should have a Music folder within the Media folder. For example: Music à Media à Music. Did my installation miss something?

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The path for music in Catalina is ~/Music/Music/Media/Music. The files themselves should not be loose, but if you create a Music folder, go to Preferences > Files, then select that, and check the two options (organized and copy), the Music app should put your files in the Music folder. 

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Kirk thanks for your response!


When I try your recommendations, the Music folder I created remains empty. Within the Media folder,I see the Automatically Add to Music folder while the music files I added are still in their respective folders. The Music folder is there, but it remains empty.


I have reindexed, rebooted, but nothing seems to work. Before I started adding files, I did check the Keep Music folder organized box, but not the Copy Files to Music Media Folder when adding to library box. Any other suggestions?

 This is what I ended up with.png

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wgscott, I meant that when I initially imported, I didn't have the second box checked. After reading Kirk's reply, I checked the second box as well as the first, and the file I attached previously was the result. For me it didn't work.

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Hello Kirk


I guess I am mostly there? I checked every box you suggested, but nothing seemed to work. I moved the actual music files to an external hard drive. Then, I deleted the plist files while keeping the boxes you suggested checked. I rebooted and I can now add files to the Music app and they are in the Music folder. However, the Files preferences still has not changed. Yeah, I am wondering if this might work itself out in the future or cause further issues.


Thanks for the quick responses!

Music Folder.png

Files preferences.png

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