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Sound & Measurements of Dirac 2nd gen

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I quite like the sound of 'Sofa - Wide'  - the sound is generally live, fluid, balanced and spacious.


My main issue is with 'Sofa - Focused' - it merely acceptable in the sweet spot, but barely listenable everywhere else.


What are your impressions?

And did you discover any bugs?


I did, and I reported them in the past via helpdesk, don't know if I will again:

- when I measure positions, there is one or two for which I get no results. There is some error about missing samples, and also the spectrogram of the measurements is flat line. What I do is continue to the next position, and then going back. 

- During playback, if I switch filter on and off in the VST, JRiver may crash

- In 'Sofa - Wide' measurements, on the positions on the picture (i.e. the small circle) is hidden by the man's figure. I know it is there, so I just click where it is supposed to be


Nothing is specifically a showstopper (for me at least)


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