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When all else fails, reboot

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Over the last week or so I was having trouble playing music through my iFi iDSD Nano DAC from my iMac.  It would play for about 2 minutes and then just stop.  It didn't matter which software I used, Audirvana, Qobuz, or even my cycling software, The Sufferfest.  As a USB Dac it is coming straight out the back of the iMac from one of the four USB ports.  I tried switching ports too, it didn't matter.  I then switched the DAC to my Raspberry Pi and played over UPnP and Volumio.  That worked just fine.  I should mention too that I had been playing with Audirvana upsampling settings, but I'm not only having issues in Audirvana.  Just frustrating. 


Then it occurs to me, I haven't had any reason to reboot this damn computer for weeks now!  This is our home computer and is always just up and running.  It's been playing for about a half hour now with no problem at all.

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