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Duplicate iTunes library in Catalina

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 Some how, I have created duplicate media folders on my MacBook Pro.


In the users folder with my name, there is one music folder and inside that are three folders listed as music, music and music 1.  In the first music folder there is an iTunes library folder  which has what I believe to be most of my music files.  The second one has a file "music library.musiclibrary".  Music 1 has a file "music library".  This all began when I installed Catalina.


In the users folder in the shared folder are three folders again Music, Music and Music 1.  The first music folder has iTunes library folder also, but his one has all the files and folders from my original pre catalina library and a media folder with Music listed.  In that folder is what I believe is most of my music. The second one has a file "music library.musiclibrary".  Music 1 has a file "music library".


A lot of space is being taken up by duplicate music files.  Any suggestions on how to merge and find a happy compromise?  The folder names are not the same, so finder does not offer a merge.  

Also what is the file music library and the other files musiclibrary.musiclibrary  are these needed by the new music app?


Thanks for any assistance.  I tried apple support, they were of no help.

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Happy High Sierra user here, I wonder if the new Music works in an identical fashion to iTunes.


If you haven't already backed up your music files to an external drive (which you should have) now's the time to do it!!!



  • Hold down the Option key, then open the Music app.
  • In the window that appears, click Choose Library.
  • Select a library (your old iTunes library), then click Choose.


If/when your iTunes library folder opens check which files are missing and import them to your library.

Quit Music. Restart the computer. Run Music.

If everything is working and all files are present it is probably safe to delete the other (Music) libraries.


Alternatively you can delete all your music from the computer and all the libraries (back up first!!!).

When you run Music it should create a new library then you can import all the music from the external drive (you'll lose playlists and ratings).

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