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Article: Guest Editorial: Why did audio stop being about audio?

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With religion or politics, my life may be affected by those whose values or policy decisions I disagree with.  That's not true with audio.  Science isn't going to go away if I don't think measurements align with my listening experience.


I still respect people whose beliefs seem like a fairy tale to me as long as they aren't trying to force me to adopt their values.  


It kind of reminds me of a Fox guy who puts a bullet in his TV set while watching MSN.  

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1 hour ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

Thanks again Joel for putting yourself out here with an honest editorial.  I hope the adults here can remain adults and keep the discussion civil. If this happens, an interesting conversation will no doubt ensue. 

Thanks a lot for your support, Chris.


I couldn't have gotten my views out there in quite the same way without your help.



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One of the problems with running a forum is that it is no longer just like minded individuals trading information. There are people and machines whose job it is to influence internet users.  They are paid, or are programmed, to promote products or ideas that they have no real belief in.  They are simply following a script.  There are giant corporations now that are paid huge amounts to influence people.  These are who you may be arguing with.  It is no longer a matter of having a difference of opinion with someone.  It is a matter of someone wanting to sell you a product or an idea. It is no longer friendly conversation, it is business,  and the direction can get heated.

Boycott Warner

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1 minute ago, Ralf11 said:

For speakers, yes.


A speaker with a linear phase crossover will have a natural frequency response peak that can be ameliorated but not altogether avoided. Which measurement is better sounding, linear phase or flatter frequency response?

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3 minutes ago, firedog said:

But do you thing that's what's going on here? It doesn't appear to me that the arguments here have much to do with the commercial interests of the posters. Most are just hobbyists having a discussion. 


How many times did the MQA shills post the same inane and untrue bs talking points over and over?

Boycott Warner

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