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UpTone EtherRegen measured. It's a switch.

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Total joke

2 ch Setup:

Motorola Modem sb6141> Emo Systems EN-70HD > (5) eero > Synology 1813+ (DSM 6.2), 4TB Seagate NAS Drives, 4GB RAM & Zero Surge & APC XS BX1000G/backup to Synology DX513) > Emo Systems EN-60KDS  > Roon > Mola Mola Tambaqui > BSS BLU 50 > (2) Hypex NCore NC502MP > JBL M2 Master Reference

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from the Ether:


On 11/14/2019 at 4:40 PM, Superdad said:

Looks like Amir is offering $10,000 to any of you who can tell the difference between an EtherREGEN and a $20 switch:


Who will be the first to step up? 9_9 Could buy a nice DAC or a lot of new music or some holiday gifts or just donate to charity. 


[By the way, the graph he is so up in arms about in that post is one he made with 23 feet(!) of three $4 Amazon USB cables chained together--with those he found a slight bit more "noise" picked up by an ISO REGEN. Of course he ignores what the device is about. Guess when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.]


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2 minutes ago, Superdad said:

I find it very strange that skeptics talk themselves into not hearing things which are so very easy to hear.

We sell with a 30-day money-back guarantee, we don't advertise, and yet almost nobody ever returns our products (less than 1%), and they keep buying more. About 48% of our business is from return clients, and most all we get is praise.  So if your ears are clogged, don't blame me. :P



I find it even stranger that I've offered to cover your $1000 side of a bet so you can walk away with $9000.


So if your ears are so clogged you can't bag an easy $9K....

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4 minutes ago, Superdad said:

I don't want your money and I don't need to prove anything to you.


Oh good grief, here you go again with that.  I do blind tests all the time. What I said in that one post was not an invitation. I'd sooner hack off my own toe than to invite Amir or you into my home.


Lol. I said we could do that at Axpona. Your product is a sham.



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5 hours ago, plissken said:

Amir was able to get a unit to bench and the testing looks conclusive that it's not capable of doing anything more than a typical $60 switch.

The streamer he used has enough buffer to allow the swapping out of cables without breaking playback.


Here is one measurement up to 90Khz and showing no deviation vs a TP-Link switch. This is noise test so no tone is playing. Just looking at the Streamer noise floor.







Is this any industry standard test or was any testing done that conforms to a recognized method of testing switches?



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