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FS: SR Black Fuse (Slow Blow 1A)

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For sale here is a specimen of the highly controversial audiophile fuses.   This is a Synergistic Research Black slow blow 1A 250V model.  It was used in an Auralic Altair which I have since sold.  I for one am a believer in these fuses and use them in my amplifiers too.  I am asking $75 shipped anywhere in USA via USPS priority mail.SR-Black.thumb.jpg.d6dc9f0fd69091c0e234b3dac352ef04.jpg

RIG:  MB Pro - Benchmark DAC3 L - LA4  AHB2 | Paradigm Sig S6 Cables:  Van Damme, Canare 4S11, Lifatec optical, Wireworld and IsoTek power

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