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Article: Lumin X1 Review

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Thanks for the detailed answer!

Seems we are in the same park, I too enjoy the analog setup more than digital. ;)


Don’t go the MSB route, their DAC’s sound mighty fine but not analog and you’ll be disapointed again.


I would suggest you keep your actual setup since it’s excellent and just enjoy the music!

In fact, you helped me a lot! I won’t look to upgrade to X1 from my Linn Selekt DSM, I’ll try to improve my analog setup instead! :)

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I just purchased an X1 and have a Lampi Big 7. I keep on comparing each DAC and I have to say that I am enjoying the X1 immensely as both a DAC and streamer. I didn’t imagine it would be as weighty or as musical as the Lampi but I’m happily surprised it is. Very impressive DAC besides being an excellent streamer. And the optical set up is noticeably more quiet than straight Ethernet cable into the DAC. 

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