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Aurender W20 FS

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I have a mint W20 for sale, please PM me if you have interest.

Music Sever - Taiko Extreme, primary, Aurender W20 MQA 

DAC's - MSB Select II + Femto 33 Clock + Dual power supplies + Pro USB Module

Amp's - Woo 234 Mono's Elite, MSB Reference HP Amp, MSB Select Estat Headphone Amp - NOS WE's

Headphones - Kennerton Thror's, Stax SR-009 & 009S, Sony MRD-Z1, Abyss Phi TC, Audeze LCD-4, 24 & 4Z, Focal Utopia, HiFiMan Susvara

Cables - DHC Prion 4S, Shunyata Sigma IC's & Sigma Digital USB

Power - Shunyata Triton V3 & Typhon QR + Sigma PC's Isolation - HRS SXR Ref Stand + MX3R Isolation Bases

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