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FS: Sonore Ultrarendu + Sbooster linear power supply

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For Sale: Used Ultrarendu + Sbooster linear power supply, both in excellent condition: $650 (including USPS (US only) and PayPal fees)


(Note: Unfortunately I only have the original packaging for the Sbooster linear power supply).




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That was a great deal!

Small Green Computer sonicTransporter i7 running HQPlayer  > Sonore opticalRendu powered by Teddy Pardo PS with extra inline regulators > Sonore opticalModule powered by UpTone LPS1.2 with extra inline regulators > Planet GT-1205A SFP switch powered by Uptone LPS1.2 with extra inline regulators > Matrix X-SPDIF2 with Corning Optical USB powered by Uptone LPS1.2 > PS Audio DirectStream DAC powered by PS Audio P3> Decware ZBIT > Decware ZROCK25 powered by PS Audio P3 > Decware SE84UFO25 amplifier, powered by PS Audio P3 > Avantgarde Duo Omega Horn Speakers > AMP to balanced line converter to Rives Audio PARC to SUB225 bass units, powered by Cinepro Power Pro 20 

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