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FS: SOtM sNH-10G Audio Switch Hub & sPS-500 PS

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I am listing a SOtM sNH-10G audio switch hub and sPS-500 power supply optioned as follows;


sNH-10G Audio Switch Hub 

sCLK-EX Clock / standard 9 volt

7N UPOCC - EVOX capacitors - eABS - 200


sPS-500 Power Supply

Stranded 7N UPOCC Silver 30 cm umbilical


Total Price New $2,350.00


Asking $1,880.00 including shipping in the continental 48 United States.

No extra fee for PayPal.


I am not certain, but you may be able to add the external clock connection and change the voltage. 





SOtM sPS-500.JPG

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