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AirPlay devices - video vs. audio

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I am curious if some devices can use mirrored screening but not use (i.e receive) AirPlay for audio...


(the specific context is  a new LG OLED TV, which claims it can do the former but doesn't seem able to do the audio - LG has worthless "support" so I guess I'm on my own with it...)

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If the TV has AirPlay, then it should be able to do both. At least that's the logic; I don't have a TV with AirPlay, nor do I know anyone who does yet. 


You may need to check the audio settings. I had a bear of a time figuring out how to get my soundbar working over HDMI ARC. i have an LG that's a few years old, and the menus are really confusing. 

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From what's been reverse engineered thus far from the original AirPlay, AirPlay audio (aka AirTunes) has been found to be a separate protocol from AirPlay mirroring. Also AirPlay audio has been found to use ALAC, whereas Airplay mirroring uses AAC for its audio. Certainly the better known currently maintained open source AirPlay applications out there only support one protocol and not the other, eg:

shairport-sync - AirPlay audio only

RPiPlay - AirPlay mirroring only.

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