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Beginner question on CD ripping

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Hello. I am a new member who is just starting out in computer audio. I have purchased a Mac Mini and Drobo unit for storage. My plan is to use iTunes and send the signal from the Mac to an Empirical Audio Pace Car reclocker and then out to my Audiologic DAC. I am only computer semi-literate and all of my prior experience is with PCs, not MACs, so I am trying to keep the "computer" part of the system as simple as possible.


Here is my question: I had to send my new Mac Mini to Steve at Empirical Audio so he can synchronize it with the Pace Car. Due to the high demand for his products, Steve is currently running about a 12 week turnaround time. Ideally, I would like to get started on ripping my CD collection to the Drobo and not wait the 12 weeks to do that. My wife has a Mac laptop with an older operating system. How hard would it be to configure the Drobo for the laptop and older version of OSX and use the laptop to begin ripping my CDs, and then once I get the Mac Mini back from Steve, reconfigure the Drobo to work with my new computer. Is there any risk of data loss or glitches? Keep in mind that I am not great with computers and want to keep things simple. If it is too complicated or risky, I would rather just wait.


Thanks for the advice and for your great site.


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That'll work. Make sure you select the Drobo as the library location and the music folder location.


Or, you could host the library local on your wife's Mac with the music folder on the Drobo. The move the iTunes folder from her mac to yours when the Mini arrives. There may be some minor updating to do with this method, but iTunes is very easy to work with.


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Thanks to both of you for your responses. Two follow up questions:


1. I'm not sure I know the difference between the library location and the music folder location. Is there a preference for the music folder to be located on the external hard drive vs. the computer?


2. I assume (but don't yet know whether this is the case) that when I do the initial setup of the Drobo, I will need to set it up for my wife's computer and the older version of OSX that she has. Is it easy to then reset it for my computer and operating system?


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Hi michael_d - This is much easier than you think.


1. The iTunes library is a file that contains a list of your music and its location. The iTunes music folder is the location of all your music. In this case you can do one of two options. A. iTunes library and the music folder location on the Drobo, or B. iTunes library on the local hard drive (Wife's Mac) and the music folder location on the Drobo. refer to previous post for info on the two options :-)


2. The Drobo is just a big "hard drive" and will work with both computers from the start. No reformatting or resetting or anything will be needed.


Founder of Audiophile Style

UPDATED: My Audio Systems -> https://audiophile.style/system

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