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Playing and/or Ripping Blu-Ray Audio Discs?

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I recently purchased a Blu-Ray player for my iMac. I have a few box sets that have hi-rez audio in Blu-Ray and would like to play and if simple rip those as well.

I'm trying a software, Macgo blu-ray player, that plays movies and accesses the audio files but as generic track 1, track 2 etc and seems to be missing features. When playing audio files such as Beatles 50th Abbey Rd. in 96khz 24bit they are still indicated as just 48khz on my DAC (Hegel Rost)


What would be my best option for a software to be able to access to and have an interface that tells me which songs and or album versions I'm playing? And have access to the 96khz 24bit?


Is is simple to rip the blu-ray audio files? They are higher rez than a typical cd correct? My Beatles 50th Abbey Rd. is 96khz 24bit. Will I notice a difference worth pursuing?



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A search on here reminded me you need to decrypt the image first using MakeMKV. (Basically set it to extract an ISO with the decrypt option ticked - you'll need 25GB of space to do this)

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