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Xivero will close down

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7 hours ago, Musicophile said:

Too bad. I hope the software survives for a while the future MacOs updates. 

For this reason I have activation free licenses for Mac and Windows, but even this would not protect me from the fact the MusicScope will be out of time one day.

I doubt that the provenance and HiRes fake issue will be obsolete within the near future after I notice a significant increase of fakes in newer publications, even in the genres Classical and Jazz, what had been rather unusual in the past.

Therefore I hope that there will be a similar "easy to use" analysis tool being available not too far away in the future.

By experience I have very limited confident in the very most download stores and streaming providers to protect their customers from upsampled content, even HRA is not faultless. As long as real provenance is not given, it is helpful to have a tool to ensure the promised quality of a downloaded and perhaps a streamed audio file. My hearing is still a quite reliable detector but finally not an accepted source for proven complaints. 

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On 12/1/2019 at 2:43 PM, Musicophile said:

Too bad. I hope the software survives for a while the future MacOs updates. 


Indeed, very bad news! I have been using MusicScope for quite some time to verify if paying for what I should pay. There is still lots of crappy high resolution files or fake announcement for high resolution, which are upsampled or not even high res. This tool was perfect to verify such crap. Any good alternative on the market?


Krzysztof Maj


"Music is the highest form of art. It is also the most noble. It is human emotion, captured, crystallised, encased… and then passed on to others." - By Ken Ishiwata

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MusicScope (and XiSRC) still is a good tool and hopefully still can be used for quite some time.

I contacted Xivero regarding re-activation of my bought products when I will be switching to a new Mac beginning of next year and by this they told me they are working on offering a long-term solution for existing customers. Whatever that will mean....and when that will be....

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