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Roon 1.7 Is Available!

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1 hour ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

Be careful until the remote apps are available. I just updated and can’t connect. 



Apple can take several hours or up to a full day to go live with an update. If you can only connect with an iOS device then, as Chris has said above, do not update the core until the iOS update from the Apple APP Store becomes available.

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1 minute ago, rn701 said:

Oh, sorry. Meant to say roon is the cat's pajamas. It has changed my life!

what would you have liked to see that would have wowed you?


Personally I’m waiting for the 3D Holographic Emitters so I can literally put Diana Krall in my room.,.

No electron left behind...

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9 minutes ago, AudioDoctor said:

Are you using a user created extension to interface with Jriver?  Why would you, I don't see the point?


No, I was being facetious.  I still have to use JRiver to manage playlists and sync them to mobile devices. One of if not the only reasons I still keep JRiver around.  Was hoping the new roon release would have something anything to help with this.


This release looks like a rush job to appease users wondering what's going on. I'm wondering if it will do more harm than good.

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4 minutes ago, AudioDoctor said:

I have to ask, did you read your own link?


I am not trying to be a smartass here, but there is a lot there and some pretty major changes and optimizations.


Yes, I read the link. Nothing much there for me. The tidal/qobuz streaming limits are mildly interesting, haven't played with that yet.

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A real peeve was the sloppy handling of box sets which could contain a collection of existing albums with differing names to the title of the box set.


This is now addressed, although 200 tracks might be light for popular music, such as complete works of Frank Sinatra....


"Album Screen Improvements

This release also includes 2 changes on the album screen.

First, multi-disc sets up to 200 tracks will now get a new All Tracks tab. This view will allow you to view the entire album in a single list, which should ensure better presentation of multi-part works that span multiple discs."


The Tags are improved, Roon quote an example of titles from HDtracks as a source, all purchased from HDtracks, so these can be searched, it's handy for me as sources are from all over the place, if it's a ripped CD, the original must be (somewhere) in the house.


As for Valance, wait and see. The stream to your device anywhere from home is not going to happen with Roon. The downloading of all this data is not going over the 5G/4G anytime soon, for that Jriver works reasonably well.


I hope that progress bar can be moved up and the time counter can display time remaining.


The internet Radio looks a lot better on screen with the genres, may actually try to use it this time around.


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The streaming optimizations which reduce disk activity, CPU usage, and memory traffic looks interesting.  Although Roon makes no claims about better sound quality for this feature, it should help.


Actually, I don't see a single line item that talks about sound quality.

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