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Christmas Music

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And here's my latest addition to the topic, reviewing a brand new Nutcracker and Messiah. 




Spoiler alert, both are very very good. 

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My input might not be terribly valuable as I am not Christian and generally don't care much for Christmas music.


But I do have some favorites, so for what it's worth:


Big Star (really just Alex Chilton by that time) has a beautifully disarming Christmas song called, simply, "Jesus Christ." The full version and the acoustic demo are both lovely IMHO.


The demo:


The full version has a goofy intro; the main melody comes in at the 0:19 mark:



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Yet another slightly different take on "The Christmas Song". 

A very subjective one.. (I hope Eric Idle won't hurt anybody's feelings 9_9)



What’s true of all the evils in the world is true of plague as well.
It helps men to rise above themselves.
  ―  Albert Camus, The Plague.


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