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This is Neat


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Just got one of these -




So far it is MacDaddy cool. Can track all those pesky audio receipts in great detail. Also, we are using it for bills, recipes, all kinds of stuff.


Short version is that it scans and runs OCR and auto inputs the details. It's gets about 75% of the receipts correct. Some take a little manual adjusting. You could actually do something like, gee, I have some paprika - what recipe can I use that in?


Then you can search and read or reproduce any receipt! Paperless society here I come. We're still learning what it can do.


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Hey innertuber - Very cool indeed. One thing I love about shopping at the Apple Store is they will send a PDF of your receipt right to you email address. No paper or anything. I must admit it feels weird to walk out with a MacBook Air and no receipt in hand to show the person at the door.


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