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Qobuz and failures on Audirvana+3

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@dmackta@DavidCraff : hello- don't know if either of you can help but have heard nothing from A+3(3.5.25 to be exact)  and ie @damien78 in particular or 'support'

for the past 3 days I have had to repeatedly sign-on/reconnect  on A+3 in preferences to re establish Qobuz-- 'login' fails almost each time and if it does 'connect' I get the Qobuz title in left hand column on A+3 page and nothing underneath it --nothing loads and my 800+ self made Qobuz playlists are gone.

Qobuz works alone from its desktop app/webpage and from ROON

ANYONE including you guys have any ideas-someone in A+3 community says this a 'networking' problem but why now? I have used Apple WiFi since 2012 as my network and am not going to change now. I just want my Qobuz selfmade playlists back on A+3

nothing else has changed still use late 2012 macmini i7 16GB RAM with new samsung 4TB SSD HD(months old) OS is el capitan will never upgrade

only new items are 10+ day old brand new Schiit yggy gs and rggy 2 but all this started 3 days ago well after new amp and DAC

thanks bobbmd

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