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A Question About Shell Replacement

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Hi Phil


I have just completed a fresh install of my dual PC setup. I have two i5 laptops with 8GB memory, not dedicated high end computer audiophile machines. More through luck than judgement I suspect, I have managed to run JPLAY with the DAC Link set to 1000Hz. I have never previously previously achieved more than 500Hz and the setup now sounds much better, although it can be temperamental, which is hardly surprising. I use WS2019, installed in GUI Mode. I don't feel confident to do a Core installation.


Would I gain anything on either PC by changing the shell to Audiophile Shell or Command Prompt, either in terms of sound quality or stability?



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With any OS in GUI mode you will gain significant change in sound quality when applying a shell replacement. With OS'es in GUI mode the gain is much more than with OSes in Core mode, since they are alreay very slick.


the nice thing in GUI mode with shell replacement is that you can easily launch the desktop environment on demand, just by starting task manager and start "explorer.exe" manually.




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