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Music Mgmt Software for Classical Music

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Hello there. I am hoping you can recommend a good music management software program that is classical music friendly. I am currently using Audirvana (3.5) but have been really frustrated with it - it gets hung-up and crashes often. I also find the organization set-up cumbersome and not user-friendly. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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JRiver is very versatile for classical music, and totally customisable with custom fields etc. As an example, I can list all works per date composed. For classical (and jazz) I got rid of commercial formats (LP, CD) and use works (and for jazz: sessions) as units.

However, I use JRiver as database only, not to play music. For some reason I never got it to sound really good to my ears. It is very simple however to drag the tracks from JRiver into Audirvana and play them from there.


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