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Practically new, loaded SOtM network switch

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I'm moving from NY to Seattle and I'm selling everything.


Here's a 1 month old SOtM network switch with the additional clock and enhanced circuitry. The price new is $1900 and I'm selling a month old unit for $1560. One of the two pictured has already been sold.


When connected to my system (I used the SOtM recommended dual switch configuration they recommend) it brought a deepened bass, a more relaxed vocal and an overall analog warmth.


I found this review very helpful




I am also selling the SOtM sps-500 power supply with Y connector cable ($670 new, $580), (4) .75m dCBL Cat 7 cables  ($400 new,  $350), (3) ISO-Cat6 LAN filter ($350 new, $300).

 All are 1 month old.


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Here is more info:

Below is the SOtM checkout page for the switch. 

The switch is $800. If you add an internal clock it's $1700, and the enhanced circuitry makes the total $1900. That is the model I purchased and am selling. It has been a big hit for them and it's currently out of stock.

The enhanced circuitry includes:  7NUOPCC internal silver wires, EVOX capacitors, and eABS 200.


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