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New Antipodes CX+EX Server/Renderer

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I  bought an Antipodes CX+EX two weeks ago only to learn I'm moving to Seattle and need to sell everything. The units have been taken out of the box and tested but barely used. In fact, the registration cards haven't been completed. List prices is appx $10,800. I'm selling them for $8300. My move is your benefit. I also ordered the P1 and P2 bases that have yet to be received. I will sell those brand new, unopened as well if you're interested.


As you might know, this is considered the state of the art music server, improving and replacing the Stereophile A+  DX3.


I will also be selling 2 PS Audio DirectStream DACs, an Antipodes DX3, a pair of ATC SCM 20 active speakers, an ATC SCA2 preamp, and a number of other components including audience power conditioners and SOtM network switches and cables.




Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees.



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hi there, I may be interested - partly depending where you're located. can you please confirm? 



Auralic Aries - Antelope Zodiac Gold/Voltikus - Crystal Reference Diamond - Pathos TT - Crystal micro - Rogers LS3/5a

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