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Qobuz IOS App Download

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I have Qobuz subscription. As I live in Hong Kong, I cannot download the app as Qobuz is not available in the country. This is not an issue for the PC or Mac app, but for the IPhone App. Does any one have a smart way to download the app for the IPhone without being physically present in US or other countries where this app is available?

Perhaps using a VPN?

Synology NAS (LPS)/MiniMc(Uptone JS-2/MMK JS-2, LPS-1)>Ultra Rendu(JS-2/LPS-1)/Uptone Audio IsoRegen (LPS-1)>LampizatOr GoldenGate(R2R)/Meridian 808.3>Wavac EC300B/PRT1/MD-805m, Lavardin IT>Tannoy Canterbury SE


Synology NAS/MiniMc (LPS)>MRendu(LPS-1)/(LPSU)>LampizatOr GoldenGate>/Woo WES/Ifi ICan (LPSU)>Stax SR-009, Audeze LCD2

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