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Windows Server 2019 & Audirvana

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AO on Server 2019 via Bootcamp on my macbook pro works wonderful.

but I can't get Audirvana running.

I can install Audirvana plus, but it will not start.

Audirvana is now in v3.5 available.

I only have a link: https://audirvana.com/delivery/windows/index.html

This one does not install at all. A windows opens and says: need another app to open ms-installer


So i assume something is missing.


On my imac i have win 10 pro 1903. Audirvana runs in latest version.

Did a AO optimization on this machine.

Did the windows strip down thing.

Now Audirvana does not start and installing does not work with

the same message: need another app to open ms-installer


How do i get Audirvana working on both platforms?


Any help is much appreciated.






MacBook Pro/ WS2019/AO /Roon & HAF - AudioPC ; Mutec mc-3+ usb - Yggdrasil - Ragnarok - Ecouton LQL 200 ; IMac/win10&AO Roon Core - ControlPC

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I've spent hours and hours trying to get Audirvana running on Server XY. Sadly I had to give up, it seems not possible to me. I got no help from the developer as well, so there's not much I can do in this case.


i wasn't even able to make a shell replacement for it.... 😞

ıllıllı [  ...AO 3.00 IS HERE... ] ıllıllı


Shop | Core Audio Music Server | Reviews | Reference System | AudiophileOptimizer 3.00 | PDF Guide


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