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Proper step by step setup Cisco 2960 Switch.

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Hi guys,


i need your detailed info regarding the step by step install configuration of the cisco 2960 switch.


other than the setting up, i have a couple other questions regarding using sfp module w the switch, how about tweaks? Mains cable? I just got the “48”, and heard there is a fan inside, should i take it off? 

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why did you create a new thread for this?  it would be better to have kept it in the one you were already posting in.


also, did you download the user guide?

source:  intel nuc8i5 (audiolinux, roon core) > intel nuc6i5 (win10, ao, fidelizer pro, dirac live, roon) > schiit yggdrasil (gen 5, analog 2)
headphone rig:  bryston bha-1 > senn hd600
two-channel rig:  luminous audio axiom ii xlr walker mod > parasound a21 > monitor audio gx100

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