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Which one of these earbuds??

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There's a company out of Atlanta, GA called Empire Ears.  Jack and his crew make some of the best IEM's and CIEM's that you can buy.  Their entry level is around 500 or so I believe, but they are serious IEM's and compete for best in the world.  www.empireears.com 

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On 11/1/2019 at 10:42 AM, 7ony2 said:


I like Shure IEMs. I've got several pairs. 


They are very solidly built and the cable is replaceable so you can go from wired to wireless easily.


I use Comply and SpinFit tips with mine. The Comply tips provide more noise cancellation but don't come out and go back in as easy as the Spinfits. 

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I'm keeping my eyes on the MediaDevil CB-01 Nanene Graphene-Enhanced Wood Earphones with Mic and Volume Control 


Maybe the reviews are mostly fake but I don't get that impression.  Worth a look for only £50 + free shipping in the UK

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