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Seagate showcase drives

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I just happened upon your site and think it is spectacular. I want to implement a minimac into my audio system and found a number of articles that Chris wrote very helpful ( I am a computer audiophile newbie). The forums were top notch with a great community helping eachother out.


The article on building a (CA03) music server was the one I would like to implement in my system. Looking at the foums it would seem like a seagate drive would also work and mabye have better reliability.


Having read some info on the Seagate Showcase line of drives, I became curious on their claims of "wisper quiet".


Has anyone heard or implemented this drive in a music server and wiil we have a review of this drive (CA03-1)?


Or am I that new and totally picked the wrong drive


Thank you



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Hi gord - Welcome to Computer Audiophile. No worries about being a newbie around here. It's all laid back and about enjoying our great hobby. If you have questions feel free to ask :-)


Your curiosity about the drives being "whisper quiet" is well placed. Without a real sound measurement or number published in the spec sheet I would not listen to the marketing term "whisper quiet." A good example of this can be found in the computer power supply section of any computer store. Half of them have the word "Silent" in the name or on the box. But, the only PSUs that are near silent don't have fans and all of the PSUs on the shelf most likely have pretty loud fans.


I don't have experience with this exact drive, but I suspect it is the same thing as other Seagate drives just in a nicer looking enclosure. The DVR market often has to produce better looking components because they are on display near a TV. Selecting this drive wouldn't be a bad move. Anything made with the Seagate brand is very good.


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