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Headphone Audio System (WA22+HD800+Sabre DA8)

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Dear All,


I am selling my headphone audio system. Original online price of all system components: 5 500 USD ; Selling price: 2 900 USD  (+ post).


Wonderful fully balanced audio system for Germany Sennheiser HD800 with top USA fully balanced lamp amplifier WA22 (best for HD800) and DAC Yulong Sabre DA8. Sennheiser balanced pro cable. Upgraded Power, Driver (Sylvania), Rectifier tubes (Sophia Princess) (hand picked tested tubes). Everything in ideal condition.

Sennheiser HD800 headphones and Woo Audio WA22 integrated headphone amp configured in fully balanced configuration is one of the best audio systems. Tremble and midrange performance are as good or better than any headphone or two-channel standalone system I have experienced. Bass is very satisfying and will only be bettered by the very best fullrange speaker and subwoofer systems.


Original online price of all system components: 5 500 USD; 
Selling price: 2 900 USD (+ post)


Location: South East Asia, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

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