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I am trying to build a hifi Headphone station for Roon streaming.  This is an evolution of an earlier thread I started....


I was seeking too much in an all-in-one box and have decided to get a stand-alone tube headphone amp. 

I am looking for a Roon-Ready streamer/DAC to feed it. My IDEAL box would do precisely that, do it really well, and do nothing else.

My research has turned up many Roon-Ready DACs, but almost all are bloated with many features I do not need (pre-amps, proprietary control software, etc). I don’t mind spending <=$2k, but I’d rather that go into a better DAC than into features I do not need. 


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Sonnet Audio are releasing precisely what you need shortly:




Cees previously owned Metrum Acoustics, and is a superb designer. Sonnet Audio is a new company he has created and has a number of items in the works.


I have spoken to him about his 'Roon DAC' which is a NOS DAC with Metrum Acoustics Onyx/Jade levels of performance. Ethernet in, RCA/XLR out. Simples.


Send him a message to discuss as I have no idea what the time lines are.  

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