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Conversion of AIFF to MP3 for use in new BMW...

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Download 50 albums of AIFF files to a flash drive to download to the HD in my new X5 and nothing happened, except one of the files, a Rolling Stones live show from 1972 was actually an MP3, and that one was available for download.  Nice folks at BMW do not provide an owners manual for the entertainment features of the auto, unless you ask for it, and in that mysterious document, it apparently identifies MP3s as the only acceptable music file format.  Tried hooking up my old iPod, which plays through the car but no provision for downloads from an iPod have been made.


Looking for conversion program that will do the job.  Realize I can set up another iTunes library and use iTunes to compress the files, but that is not particularly efficient as I will not use the iTunes MP3 library for anything else.  I tried an online converter, but after 5 minutes of trying to convert one album, I closed out of that.


Anyone found good software for this process?


My 2017 X5 had a CD drive and I just downloaded new CDs as I received them to the cars HD.  No CD drive in the 2019 2020 X5s.



Tone with Soul

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I play Tidal and Spotify over Bluetooth to my Volvo. Sure, not best possible audio quality, but with aptX a tolerable one. Or I can play internet radio with car's built-in TuneIn app. I'm too lazy to start copying files to the car's HDD.


Car itself can also play files from my iPhone or external HDD/SSD when plugged in using USB. It does have a CD player (that can AFAIK also play data CD and DVD discs), but I have never even tested it.


Maybe something similar would work for your X5 too? In addition to MP3 it could also support AAC (LC).

Signalyst - Developer of HQPlayer

Pulse & Fidelity - Software Defined Amplifiers

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29 minutes ago, Ralf11 said:

I need a nice, easy to read, high quality, light wt. single DIN unit for my '73 911....



I gloggled some info on the F30 and it looks to be an android based all in one unit...


There is always this one:


No electron left behind...

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too new looking - the newer Becker Mexico is closest but only in Europe I guess, or it failed quickly due to high price


I can keep my Pioneer Supertuner (which doesn't have high level output to an amp, only speaker level)


or put my Nakamichi CD One Mobile CD player in (amp outs, but no digital conversion for files)

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