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Klipsch RP-500M or RP-160M

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Looking to upgrade a set of Triangle 202s with either the Klipsch RP-500M or RP-160M.  The Triangles still sound pretty good to me and don't have 15 years of listening on them as they were boxed for about 10 of those years but I just want try something new to see if speakers have improved over the past 15 years since I got the Triangles.  I'm deciding between the 500M (newer but smaller) or the 160M (older but bigger) as I want to keep it around $400.  My listening room is small, about 11x12 as I use a spare bedroom for my hifi room.  These will be strictly for listening to music using a Cambridge AXA35 integrated amp.  I only listen to Amazon Music HD from a laptop going through a Schiit Modi 3 DAC.  In particular, I want experience these horn tweeters that I've read so much about.

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