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Warning "The Linear Solution"

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Just a friendly warning to any new or existing users on this site. Please ensure you read through the forum regarding the "The Linear Solution" before buying anything from them. 


Anyone considering buying anything from TLS like Adrian's Reference DS Audio Streamer. Then see my experience. Please don't waste your money. I paid £2700 for a £600 NUC, because the masterclocks aren't even connected to anything. 


If anyone else has bad experience with TLS, please post on here. I know of many already. I just don't want people losing their hard earned money. 



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@ASRMichael I will second your warning to anyone who is thinking of buying anything from Adrian or The Linear Solution.


Originally I was set on acquiring a Sean Jacobs PSU and had been finalizing negotiations with him (great guy to deal with) after the usual delays in communication with Paul Hynes, when another forum member here convinced me to go with TLS for their "Reference One" PSU which was supposed to be a SR7 killer (or at least similar in quality for a significantly shorter wait). This has been the biggest mistake of my audiophile career. 


I was also convinced by Austinpop's review of the DS-1 streamer to purchase the same DB-7 streamer that @ASRMichael ended up with. I ended up paying Adrian $5500 around November of 2018 for the DB-7 and the Ref One PSU.


After a few months, I decided to go my own route to build the 7i7DNBE streamer with clocks from SOTM, and asked Adrian to switch the funds to a second Ref One PSU. He was agreeable with that.


Everything went downhill after that. The PSU went through several iterations (as we were beta testers/guinea pigs) - he was charging SR7 prices for a PSU that he hadn't even fully developed. From my end, I did not receive a PSU until October of 2019, about 1 year after I paid him the cash. I only received one of two units. To Adrian's credit, the Ref One PSU that arrived did work, and it was somewhat better in quality that the HDPlex 100W unit I was using up to that time (not a challenging mark to hit). But it was not a huge leap forward; as I do not have an SR7 I could not compare, but I doubt it was at the same level.


At that point, I decided to cut my losses and asked him for a refund. Every time a refund was mentioned, this resulted in email silence from Adrian. It's now the end of Jan 2020, 1 year and 3 months after I paid $5500 and he has stopped responding to my emails. 


Bottom line:

I would steer well clear of anything having to do with TLS/The Linear Solution or Adrian Wun in any of his subsequent ventures. 

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Really sorry to hear that. I’ve actually had 5 other people emailing me in very similar circumstances to you. People pay with their hard earned cash, then to be robbed by TLS Adrian Wun. Makes me feel sick! 

Please everyone please stay away from TLS. 

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I have similar experience. Adrian is a scammer, I also lost $5500 as well.

He is not replying my mails, nothing.

I am from Europe, here we have many ways to legally prosecute people like that but I don’t know it works in US...




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