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Can't Update Album Art On Lumin App

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Hi: I'm very new to the world of streaming audio; I know I have a lot to figure out but I hope this isn't a stupid question.  I recently got a Lumin X1 and L1 drive.  I am using the Lumin App on my iPad Air.  I am moving my CD collection to the L1 using Exact Audio Copy.  There are several cases where I did not include album art in the initial rip of the CD (and subsequent transfer to the L1.)  I would now like to add the art but can't figure out how to do so.  Here's what I've tried so far:

  • Copy and pasting the art directly into the album folder on the L1.
  • Closing and restart the App.
  • Using the update music library function in the App.
  • Transferring the album file to my computer, deleting it from the L1 and then resaving it back to the L1 with the album art included.


None of this has worked.  I am hoping that someone on this forum can offer some guidance.



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@Shash Please try this:




The following procedure tells the Lumin L1 to recreate its database from existing music in its HDD. Although this is not a format procedure and is not expected to cause data loss, having backup of your music is preferred.


1. Firstly, please connect the L1 to the computer via USB, and empty the Trash or Recycle Bin. Then safely remove the L1, then disconnect the USB.
2. Make sure USB is disconnected, and standby the L1
3. Unplug the power from L1
4. Press and hold the L1 power button
5. While still holding the L1 power button, plug in the power cord
6. Keep holding the L1 power button for about 30-40 seconds - during which observe the various LEDs blink. Keeping holding it until L1 finally stops blinking, or goes into Standby mode with red LED on.
7. Connect the L1 network cable (if it is not already connected)
8. If the red LED is on, press the L1 power button once to bring it online
9. After the L1 is online, please give it time to recreate the database (LED blinking).
10. Lumin app -> Settings -> Options under L1 -> Reload Music Library (If you have previously renamed the L1, the name is now reset to default)


Peter Lie

LUMIN Firmware Lead

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Thanks!!  I'll try this. I am guessing that I should add all the art that needs to be added prior to undertaking this process.  Can do this by simply adding the jpeg to the folder on the L1 that contains the audio data for the album in question.  Are there any particular naming conventions or other protocols that I should observe?

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