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Allo Shanti Supercap Power Supply

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1 hour ago, mikey8811 said:



Has anyone tried the Allo Shanti Supercap Power Supply?




It has 2 5V outputs and is a whole lot cheaper than Uptone's UltraCap LPS 1.2


Anyone compared it to that one?

I have an LPS 1.2 but I have not compared it to the Shanti Supercap. What I do not like of the Shanti is the form factor and the captive cables. Still, especially for powering Allo devices, the Shanti seems a very good proposition. You can find some more information on the Shanti in this forum at  


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I have compared the shanti vs lps 1.2 on a ifi spdif ipurifier which needs 500mA.

I clearly prefer the shanti, but the 1A output of it then. I feel 1A output of the shanti is a little better than the 3A output. 

The Uptone LPS 1.2 seems more mechanical, more muted and with less resolution than the shanti 1A output. Shanti just seems more musical and released. With the LPS I want to turn the volume up and with the shanti I don't feel so, so there seems to be no placebo effect  and I have switched back and forth many times with very little time between only swapping the dc cables. And same results every time.

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Have done some more testing now with the shanti and as I have gotten better equipment else in the hifi-chain I now prefer the 3A over the 1A output of the shanti to the IFI Ipurifier SPDIF reclocker. Less noise, more dynamic, more musical -  overall better. The streamer is Bluesound Node 2i and dac is Hegel HD25. Theroretically it shouldn´t matter because the IFI ipurifier only needs 500mA but it is actually very obvious if the rest of the system is good and transparent. As the Allo DigiOne Signature only needs power of maybe 50mA or something this doesnt need to be the case here.


Anyway the shanti ps needs to be vibration decoupled from the underneath or it is just ok/good imo, not very good. And it needs vibration absorption on the top to be at a very very good level. I myself use some sorbothane hemispheres bought from ebay with some weight on them on top. Sorbothane with 50 shore density is very vibration absorbing. And of course the venting holes must not be blocked.


I have also tried the LPS 1.2 on the Allo DigiOne Signature and it was much worse than shanti on the clean power on the DigiOne. But as I wrote over the shanti needs to be vibration controlled and decoupled. 


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I have 2 Shanti here in daily use, powering a USBBridge Signature in each of my 2 setups. I like them a lot and feel in that appication they compete with much more expensive commercial units and my over the top DIY efforts.


See my comments on using the unit in posts 222, 258, and 594 of this thread on DIYAudio.com:




I did compare them with some LPS-1.2 setups (LPS-1.2 singly and 2 paralleled via a dual-section MPAudio 3-paralleled LT3045 board) and found it was roughly equivalent in my opinion with some tradeoffs. AND definitely less expensive! 


To definitively beat the Shanti for powering DAC / digital interface cards and USBBridge Signature's, I have to use supplies that float-charge a pair of 325F Ultracaps as the final output buffer. These sound amazing, but are clearly expert-level supplies that have to be pre-charged before use and require a lot of care in use lest one blow up either the charging power supply or what is being powered. IF you have to have it explained to you, you really don't want to use them. They are THAT challenging!

The good thing is that the Shanti, with a 3.3F Ultracap pair as output buffers on each rail give you a good taste of what one can get with a 100x larger buffer! 


LOL... I agree with @nbpf on the form factor and captive cables, BUT I also don't expect much in and from a $160USD power supply with 2 outputs. In that context, I think the Shanti produces an amazing performance at the price, punches WAY above its weight class, and recognize that a more convenient form factor and better cables would have likely increased the cost and may have compromised performance. 


I also totally agree with @Tucker on vibration damping for the Shanti. See my comments in post 335 of the above thread and poster @chipsahoy in post 349.


Greg in Mississippi


Everything Matters!

2 systems... Well-Tempered Refs->ET-2.5->DIY or Lounge LCR MkII phono stages

Standalone digital Sony HAP Z1-ES or SDTrans384/Soekris DAM DAC

Networked digital Zotac PI320-W2 LMS Server -> EtherRegen -> USBBridge Sig -> Katana / Ian GB / Soerkis / Buffalo-IIIPro DACs

Passive S&B TX102 TVC or ladder attenuators -> BHK-250 -> Eminent Tech LFT-VIII / IV / VI

ALL gear modified / DIY'd; cables MIT;  all supplies DIY’d or LPS-1.2s; Audio gear on DIY AC filters + PS Aud P15s; misc gear on separate AC w/filters

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I just got my Shanti power supply, which I intend to use with my Allo DigiOne Signature.  What is the correct wiring?  Didn't come with any documentation and couldn't find any on the Allo site.

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Answer my own question, Shanti works fine with Ras Pi 4 + Digione Sig.



Marantz 6007, PSB Image B6 & B5, Synology 216+, 2010 Macbook Pro

Audirvana 3.03, JRiver.

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3 hours ago, Bill_NYC said:

I just got my Shanti power supply, which I intend to use with my Allo DigiOne Signature.  What is the correct wiring?  Didn't come with any documentation and couldn't find any on the Allo site.

3A to dirty side and 1A to clean side of the DigiOne Signature.

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I am looking to get a Usbridge Sig to replace a pure RPI 4 as my Roon bridge. This feeds to a Topping D50s DAC feeding my Hypex ncore power amp/KEF LS50 speakers. I am debating about the Shanti which almost doubles the cost here in Europe. 


I currently power my D50s and the RPI from a powerbank that outputs 5.1A on it's two USB ports. I feel this is giving a good result. Not sure if at this level of setup (I am a novice in this space and just starting up), the Shanti will make a difference? 

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