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Book Shelf Speakers

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Looking .for recommendations on passive book shelf speakers;  must be black.  I have Bowers and Wilkins, and they sound too muddled  with my Outlaw receiver so pleas e recommend book shelfs that will produce more "details," thanks...

HQ Player (#1) & Audrivana (#2) (wow! love the Apple w/music!!) .. these two software make my system "Amazing!", Purist USB- Benchmark DAC2 HGC (love it!), Purist Audio XLR , ATC SCM25A's (To Die For!) & Focal sub6 . Triode Power Cables with Uber Buss (Yes!) Also enjoy Audeze LCD3 w/"fat pipe cardas."

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You don't mention a budget, but I just got some Audio Physic Compact Classics last weekend and they are amazing. Lots of detail while still staying very musical, and the first speaker I've had that the boxes totally disappear. Audio Physic are on to the Two version now so able to pick these up at a good price  - I got some dealer demo's at 1/2 price. No idea how much better the latest version might be and really don't care. White glass, though they make black glass and black veneer models as well. No ports so can work good near a wall. 


SERVER CLOSET:NUC 7i5BNH with Roon ROCK and OWC external 2.5" HD (ZeroZone 12V on the NUC)>Cisco 2690L-16PS switch>Sonore opticalModule>fiber (HDPLEX 100). Supra MD-06 power strip. {Office Circuit}

LIVING ROOM:Sonore opticalModule (LPS-1.2) {TV circuit} >Ghent Audio JSSG Cat 6a cable>Sonore microRendu 1.4> (Sonore UltraRendu>Ghent Neotech 7N solid JSSG DC cable) {20amp dedicated circuit) Uptone USPCB>Naim DAC V1>Witchhat DIN>Naim NAP 110 {both dedicated 20amp circuit}>Chord Rumor 2>Audio Physic Compact Classics.

OFFICE:TP Link MC110 optical bridge (iFi's - different office circuits)>Naim Unitiqute V1>NACA5>KEF Ls50’ (near field post mounted - sound amazing - one of the few  joys of working from the home basement). Cables: AQ Cinnamon RJ45, Meico RJ45, basic cat6, Naim stock AC cables with Wattgate or HifiKing Plugs. 

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