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I would like to know who else has ATC speakers.
It would be great to share setups and experiences.

My current setup:
Lindemann Musicbook 20 DSD > ATC EL 150A

I may upgrade my DAC, right now looking for something new and exciting.
Current considerations include Denafrips Terminator, dCS Bartok, Mola Mola Tambaqui and Linnenberg Satie.

Thanks and happy listening.

Audirvana+3.0 / TIDAL HiFi / Mac Mini (256GB SSD - 16GB RAM)

Lindemann Musicbook: 20 DSD, ATC EL 150ASL

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I have ATC SCM 25A... Love em.  Rich in detail, imaging, etc. etc.  I would buy another pair in a split second.  

HQ Player (#1) & Audrivana (#2) (wow! love the Apple w/music!!) .. these two software make my system "Amazing!", Purist USB- Benchmark DAC2 HGC (love it!), Purist Audio XLR , ATC SCM25A's (To Die For!) & Focal sub6 . Triode Power Cables with Uber Buss (Yes!) Also enjoy Audeze LCD3 w/"fat pipe cardas."

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Yes, ATC SCM50ASL since 1997, well strictly speaking they weren't SLs in 1997 as ATC had not yet invented the driver! I have had them updated to current spec several times over the intervening years. That's one advantage to living in the UK where returning them to the factory for servicing or updates is somewhat easier.


The actives are very revealing and matching them to the other equipment in the system IMO requires a bit of experience. I have found people who have heard them and have been disappointed. In every case it is because they were simply accurately playing back the inadequacies of the front end.


Being such a long time user you may correctly assume that I have not heard anything that I would want to replace them with . That isn't strictly true but the only contender costs ( with suitable amplification) circa $1m so I don't think I will be going there 😉. I would need a bigger home to fit them in as well.


Current system feeding them is an EAR 868 PL preamp ( I also have an ATC SCA2) fed by a dCS Network Bridge/ Vivaldi 2/Vivaldi wordclock. I also play LPs ( oh, the horror) from a highly modified J A Michell Orbe /SME V/Ortofon Windfeld Ti and Icon PS3 phonostage.


BTW, if you want a risk free way of improving them significantly and one that doesn't cost too much then buy some Isoacoustics pucks and place them between your stand and speaker ( each puck supports 9kg so the number you need can be calculated from the speaker weight). Floor standers need the Gaia version which replaces spikes and is admittedly more costly than the pucks.

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