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Lumin D2 or Auralic Altair...?

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Hi All,

Looking for advice from owners out there that have auditioned these two DAC/Streamers and looking for some guidance as I am torn between the two which I am looking to purchase on the used market.

I hear great things about the Lumin D2 but the Auralic Altair, has a few extra features such as DSD256, wireless connectivity as well as the ability to be used as a DAC from a computer. I feel like these additional features probably make the Auralic the more versatile but I loved what I saw from the Lumin app and if the Lumin is better in sound quality (Wolfson dual DACs vs Sabre ESS) , then I would be up for sacrificing the extra features.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to peoples experiences and advice on which one I should go with!


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