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Upgrade to Fiio K5 Pro?

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Hey all. 


I got  Asus Xonar DX sound card which is use to connect to my new KaliAudio LP6 and Fiio E10 for my Tin Audio T2 and ATH M40x.


I was wondering if the new Fiio K5 Pro is a well worthy upgrade for me. If I get the K5 Pro I plan to use it primarily as a headphone dac/amp and maybe it's pre-outs for the LP6s.


Please give your inputs.




i5 4440 - AsRock H81 - Vengeance 4X2 GB - Samsung 850 Pro 128 GB - ATI R7 240 - L42ET60D / S2240L - Xonar DX - FiiO E10 - Kali Audio LP6 - TinAudio T2 - ATH-M40X - Anker Spirit X - JBL Flip 4 - Fenvi 9260 WiFi/BT 5 -  Corsair K55/Harpoon - VS350 - Carbide 400R

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