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Would an adapter degrade the sound?

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My main system have a long chain of tweaked transporte to Direcstream DAC to MA Nuvista 800. I love that sound and I dont want to change the signature.

But sometimes I need to use my Headphone (B&W P9). Today I need to use my Wadia 121 to hear the P9. Wadia 121 is a nice dac/amplifier but not even close to Direcstream Sr.


Ive found a gadget which is suppose to use my amplifier to feed the heaphone. It's called APPJ HPA - Headphone Adapter. They said it dont have any active component to degrade or change audio signal.


What do you think?

Looking the project do it looks transparent and realiable despite being very cheap?




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I would run away from that device as fast as possible. Not worth the risk of damage to your nice/expensive MA 800.


I say this not really understanding how this contraption is supposed to hook up in the chain so I am making an assumption that they are wanting you to run the speaker level outputs from the Amp INTO this little thing which then feeds the headphones.


Sounds like a questionable approach to me and may place a load on the Amp that its not happy with. Plus, are they expecting you to constantly unhook this thing from the Amp each time you want to use it without headphones? In doing so, you may place extra stress on the cabling/cabling interfaces over time resulting in premature failure of those hard components.


Not worth it IMO. Just by a half decent headphone Amp off of Audiogon and call it a day. Benchmark DAC1 goes for cheap these days and will give you all you need and more.

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