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Streamer for Amazon music HD

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21 hours ago, Moppit said:

Aside from purchasing a node 2i what other options are there for streaming Amazon HD? 


Anyone using a Raspberry pi? Alternatively I have a small pc ..is there a way to run Amazon headless using a tablet for control?


I've had some success using the Amazon music android app to a Chromecast but my pi/Allo digione sounds better (with Qobuz). Streaming via my digione would be the preferred option...




They've also partnered with HEOS, Play-Fi, and others. They want you to buy electronics through Amazon, and have no interest in helping us build RasPi solutions or anything else fun and DIY. Also, currently they support only "standard quality" for Chromecast Audio. See this report on HEOS and CCA, and my response re CCA below that: 


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