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Limetree Bridge versus Auralic Aries versus Metrum Ambre

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Someone heard one of these 3 and can tell something about this in terms of sound quality (maybe ranking)|?

And is it useful, for example, to purchase the Limetree Network instead of solely the bridge because it is better than a separate Limetree bridge with a separate DAC?

I am curious about the Limetree products (and be sure to listen), but I am curious about listening experiences of users of this forum, may of course also be compared to other network bridges of the same price range than the aforementioned manufacturers and products (eg SOTM) ...

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On 9/20/2019 at 8:52 PM, Vhond said:

Hi George, how the sound is comparing one and the other. Ambre is Roon only till now (don't know whether you use the Aries With Roon). 


The Ambre betters both the Aries Mini and original Aries Femto. I can't make a comparison to the newer G1/G2 range as I haven't heard them.


I still own the Aries Mini and use it with a LPSU.

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