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Bowers and Wilkins px, honest reviews?

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Currently I am in the market for a pair of new wireless headphones for use with my mobile device , iPad/android mobile phone 

I have found the px to be much cheaper (25%) where I live than its contemporaries such as the Sony xm3 and the Bose qc 

the reviews for the px are all over the place some placing them sonically superior to the competition and others placing them much lower , what hifi review (5stars)says it doesn’t have any cons which of course gives me doubts about the integrity of their review ,while  pcmag   Gave them (2.5 stars) which is I think is also too extreme 

has anyone tried them that can give me an idea of what to expect ?

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Thanks for that , there seems to be an overall consensus that the B&W has the better fidelity but all that goes Down the drain when ANC is turned on , it’s active noise cancelling interferes too much with the SQ , for my use case I think I won’t need ANC that much , I am also intrigued by the possibility of using the BW through a usb c connection and use it’s built in dac, will bode well with my iPad using foobar2000 to play lossless music and carrying nothing but the iPad charging cable with me  , although can’t seem to find professional reviews on the difference in SQ 



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