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Article: Book Review - Neil Young's To Feel The Music: A Songwriter's Mission to Save High-Quality Audio

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Good write-up Chris!

Personally I believe that Neil is financially motivated and driven by greed.

If he isn't totally deaf from performing he'd be able to hear all the claims he made about hirez was complete BS.

He's been trying to find a way to make a buck off high rez and the audiophile community, and now it's this book.

Young and Stuart, two hucksters mad that they couldn't make big money from involvement in the others ventures.  LOL

Yea, vinyl is the top of the audio resolution quality tree,  NOT.   I'm not paying to read him make up tall tails

"The gullibility of audiophiles is what astonishes me the most, even after all these years. How is it possible, how did it ever happen, that they trust fairy-tale purveyors and mystic gurus more than reliable sources of scientific information?"

Peter Aczel - The Audio Critic


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