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SMSL m500 MQA Dac $399

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On 11/10/2019 at 5:17 AM, w1000i said:

I just got mine for 351$. And this could be best purchase of my life for this price.

I have Win10 and use Roon to play Tidal through Mr.speaker Aeon C.

The inside amp is even better than Gilmore mk2 lite and more bass powerful which surprise me.

I think it is way better than Chord Mojo which I had it before but my friend will send me his to proper compare them.

Another interesting DAC&amp compo is Topping DX7pro and D90 DAC only.

I think 2019 the year where high price DACs will have difficult fight.

Thanks for the comments....

I had a Topping D70 - OK but no dynamics, very disapointed, sold it

Also a Topping D50 - good vocals but plastic sounding acoustic guitars and bass stuff like Precision Bass all sounded like it was recorded through a cheap DI straight into the board, sold it

Gustard A20H - great DAC all around, quiet, dynamic, nice tone, and surprisingly good preamp (I did not try the headphone amp).

So, I think you are right, the DAC makers are making some great mid-priced stuff, but probably best to check all reviews before purchase.


Did you try any DSD with with the M500?

I was wondering if any problems with pops or other start/stop/switching noise..


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It is interesting the Soundnews reviewer noted the lack of dynamics for the D70 a few times...

The good news is that he says the D90 does not have this problem !

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