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Using a regulated power supply with a Pro ject Pre Box S2

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I have searched for any comments( discussion) on the Pre Box S2 owners that may have experimented with different ways to "power" this unit. I just ordered one ( open box 320.00 ) it was a good deal. I remember seeing some comments months ago about hobbyist using "regulated power supplies" to power a usb powered dac. Anything from a cell phone charger, to a bigger heavier table top RPS. I saw today that iFi makes one for 50.00 that is supposed to be WAY better than a cell phone charger. Before I go in that direction, I thought I would reach out and see if anyone has tried anything else and the results they got. I know a RPS on Ebay can be had for under 100.00 even 50.00.

I'll be feeding the S2 Tidal Streaming, the Co-Ax output from my Onkyo CD player. I have a Schiit WRYD that is between the Laptop and the S2 ( USB cables ). I have a Linn LK 140 power amp and will use the S2 as a pre amp too. Replacing an old Proton 1100 Pre amp that is amazing for it's vintage. On this subject, I've had a Schiit Saga, a few passive units,etc. I looking for good things from the S2. 

I appreciate comments and direction.   Otto
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From the Shiit website:
The Cure for Noise and Glitches
Have you ever heard strange noises from your USB DAC? Or have you had it “drop out” after the computer goes to sleep? Or does your computer have trouble recognizing your DAC at all? It could be due to noisy USB power, or USB port power management. Wyrd has you covered—Wyrd is the only USB decrapifier that includes a linear power supply (not a noisy switcher) and precision 2.5uV LM723 regulators with discrete pass elements for up to 200,000x less noise than what comes out of your USB port, up to 500mA—the full USB 2.0 spec.
Seems like you are already covered.  Other USB linear power supplies seem to cost a lot more and have higher power ratings.  Would like to hear if you try one of these and if it makes a difference.
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