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Ok, I purchased an album today. After the file d/l to my Synology 216+, Qobuz creates a "QOBUZ" folder in my music directory. This happens with each album purchased. BAD QOBUZ!!.

Thankfully the files can be relocated to a "album or album artist" folder on the NAS. Still, downloading purchases from Qobuz should be easier. I have a one year subscription, when this expires if Qobuz has not corrected the DNLA mess I'm outta here.



Marantz 6007, PSB Image B6 & B5, Synology 216+, 2010 Macbook Pro

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Shouldn't his be in the Official Qobuz Issues thread? There is a lot about downloading in the current last pages ( 79, 80) .


This doesn't seem to be a DNLA problem as at first sight that shouldn't affect downloads. It seems to be something else that has only happened to me once so far over three year's membership  and at a time when I was not using NAS ( in any case I download to a computer then transfer to my other storage).


A  download  from 2017 created a Qobuz folder within which there is a subfolder in the name of the main performer and within that a subfolder with the album title.  Why did this happen? As it was a one off for me I can only imagine that it had something to do with the download method I used at the time or how Qobuz or their record label suppliers were organising  things two years ago or before ( perhaps relevant if your purchases were of back catalogue where the files were uploaded to the servers before their methodology changed ?).


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Isn't this how downloading using the desktop app is supposed to work? 


Certainly, if I download with the Mac version, the app will create a folder called Qobuz in my designated download location and downloads are saved there. If I delete the folder, it will be created again the next time I download with the app.


For that reason, I use the zipped folder download option.



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8 hours ago, PAR said:

As it was a one off for me I can only imagine that it had something to do with the download method I used at the time

Comparing what I said earlier in the quote above to your answer I think that you may well be right as I too have always otherwise used the zipped folder download option and receive a folder called  by the album name and which contains only the tracks.

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